Avichai Sery 

A veteran of the famous unit 8200 of the Israeli Defense Force focusing on cyber warfare and cyber-related threats. Avichai's responsibility included translating organization needs to specific technical solutions focusing on software and hardware, network topology, data security, data integrity, and support mechanisms. ​ 

Avichai has in-depth knowledge relating to cloud technologies, products, and capabilities, as well as, managing extreme amounts of data (over 4PB), creating network layers within a LAN, designing hybrid cloud solutions, drafting DRP plans, and preventing cyber-attacks.  


Avichai’s has a unique advantage when designing and managing modern physical security systems for large organizations and is able to bridge IT and Security as well as cyber and physical with creative solutions. 

The rising CISO(Chief Information Security Officer )

Detailed Agenda:

Cybersecurity implementation is one of  the top challenges among organizations. Cyberattacks, both domestically and globally, are on the rise. As a result, the demand for chief information security officers (CISOs) continues to grow. A CISO is the curcial role in an organization's information and data security. We will dive into the importance of a Certified Information Security Engineer and why there's rising demand on CISO.


  • Explain about the trend

  • What is the knowledge needed for CISO

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • What should your business expect after having a CISO?

  • Q&A

The overall time will be one hour. This webinar will be recorded for future consumption. 

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