2019 - A Year in Review

We are completing our first year of operations here at BluOcean. It has been a very interesting and exciting year for all of us. We are happy to be able to say that we are starting 2020 with more confidence and excitement about the industry, business, and prospects than ever before.

Despite all the challenges that one would expect with a new business, we made terrific progress.

  • We completed the year 2019, 30% better than initially budgeted and planned.

  • We successfully completed projects in Singapore, Thailand, Jakarta, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

  • We set up legal entities in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, and Bangalore.

  • We have 20 full-time colleagues; 8 part-time; and 10 local service partners.


We are excited to approach the business with the long-awaited convergence of security tech, operations best practices, and IT tech. We seek to identify and integrate the best practices across disciplines to be able to provide better value to customers.  Additionally, we are investing more resources related to cloud applications and AI related tech in order to improve deliverables and services to our customers in the Asia Pacific region.


We are feeling privileged to be serving customers in Asia through our Account-Based Approach model.  This has been proven to enhance engagement, value, and overall satisfaction levels of customers.


In 2020 we will continue our growth around the Asia Pacific, adding more legal entities and more people on the ground providing excellent services to our customers. Additionally, we will continue seeking new and different ways to provide better services and more value to customers… more of that to come soon.