Access Control in the Modern Workplace

Access Control in the Modern Workplace

By Ron Efron


HID recently conducted a survey and published the results in a white paper titled, “Access Control in Practice Faces Technical, Workplace and User Challenges.” You can download the whole report here.  


Although the title is a bit of a mouthful and the paper is not fully independent, it's a good read and I recommend visiting HID’s site to download the paper.


A few interesting highlights:

  • Users are pushing for greater convenience over security. They complain about the need to carry and deal with additional credentials for corporate access control systems.  

  • Most employees (68 percent) are interested in accessing facilities via their smartphones. Approximately 74 percent of employees already use mobile phones for work purposes, so relying on them for access means carrying one less item. This is an interesting point. It seems inevitable, but this also introduces different and new security risks to organizations.

  • Many companies rely on more than 20-year-old access control technology that is easy to clone. “It is easily available on-line and it can be done [cloned] in less than five seconds,” states Luc Merredew, Product Marketing Director, Physical Access Control, Americas at HID Global.

  • There is a growing demand by organizations to use security credentials for other services, such as vending, smart office, and other corporate functions or services.

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