Security for Campuses

Data Integration

Integrate your various sub systems to create a more connected single system running on a single database. This can include traditional security systems, building management systems, HR/ERP databases, and other corporate facility systems.

  • Integrate multiple systems on one management platform

  • One entry, immediate synchronization. Increased efficiencies and accuracy

  • Geo-location check. Protect your account from being abused

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Smart Campus

Connect people and assets better with cloud based technologies to improve campus operations and user experiences.

  • Browser based visitor management. Self registration and pre-check in

  • Parking guidance and management

  • Geo-location with multiple credentials at any time

  • Manage the Identity not the  Credential

  • Space scheduling and management

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Identity Management

You can use your security card or personal phone as credentials and also for payments or credit management within your organization. This improves security management while creating more convenience for end-users. This can also  be used for food, vending, copy machines, etc.

  • Ease of use and flexibility for users

  • Offer more services

  • Improve management and control

  • Better client experience

  • Increase revenue and income

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Cloud Hosting

Take advantage of the newest cloud technology to improve security while reducing cost.

  • Security SAAS model

  • Eliminate the need for expensive servers and IT room real-estate

  • Increased flexibility

  • A solution that can really scale with your business


Using our unique platform and taking advantage of today's cutting-edge IT technologies, we are able to integrate your systems like never before.. 

  • Flexible access control

  • Intelligent video

  • Parking systems

  • Identity management

  • Attendance

  • Cashless payments

  • Geo location in real time

  • Vehicle monitoring

  • Virtual escort and tracking

  • Visitor management

  • Copy and printing systems

  • Vending

  • Smart office

  • Integration with building management systems

  • Asset management

  • And many more....