Security Systems and Technology

We at BluOcean are proud of the fact that we are not only an "integration" company but also trusted advisors providing a range of consulting services to help organizations improve security and overall risk management.

Our combined experience delivering projects and services across the Asia Pacific, together with our philosophy of looking at things differently, puts us in a unique position to view security from a holistic level and to offer more value to our customers.

  • Systems Design

    Manage your security projects with a full set of professionally drafted diagrams, and specification documents tailor-made for your project.

    BluOcean's team has experience with a ride range of different systems, applications, and actual projects. This allows us to provide you with a detailed as well as a practical design set for your project.

    A professional design package can be used for internal project management, provided to contractors for implementations, or as part of a tender package.

  • Product and System Specifications

    We will work with you to determine the right systems, platforms, and products that make the most sense in your unique organization and environment. 

    It is easy to over-spend on fancy "bells and whistles," but that may not be needed.

    The best approach is to invest in the systems and products that are appropriate for your application and risk exposure while also considering future needs and future technical developments.

  • Systems Audit and Assesment

    We can provide a basic or in-depth audit of your existing security systems and environment. This is usually the first step to evaluate needs and prepare a professional master plan for the future.

    We have the resources to provide different levels of audits based on your needs. Such an Audit can focus on technology, systems, cyber vulnerabilities, procedures, or a combination.

    In limited situations, we provide an initial free-of-charge assessment of your security with the purpose of future discussions.

  • Technical Standards

    Are you growing so fast that you haven't had a chance to establish smart and professional standards for your security systems? Or maybe you inherited a mix match of systems, and you need to set a clear standard.

    Establishing clear standards is an essential step to improving your effectiveness and over-all security in your organization.

    Contact us to learn how we can help you establish standards that can last for the next ten years.

  • Integrated Systems Design

    In today's interconnected digital world, there are endless opportunities to integrate your systems in ways that provide more functionality and efficiencies at a lower cost.

    Integration is not only limited to security. Consider integrating your facility or business systems with your security systems to create more value for your organization.

    BluOcean can provide an initial assessment of your current systems and needs and provide initial feedback as to what options you may have.

  • Master Security Plans

    Is your security lacking a strategic plan and direction?  BluOcean can work with you together to create a Security Master Plan. Such a plan includes mission, standards, procedures, training, product life-cycle management, and a 5 - 10-year role out plan.

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