Security Management and Ops

Allow us to leverage our experience delivering projects and services across the Asia Pacific for organizations that are very serious about security.

We work together with customers' operations team to improve security and security operations through various means depending on the customers' needs. This may include "on-site" services and staffing; Security Operations Center management; long-term planning, and more.

  • SOC Management

    BluOcean can help recruit, staff, and manage your Security Operations Center (or SOC). A typical engagement is through a tailor-made scope of works that usually includes staffing, technical training, procedural and response training, and hands-on management.  

  • Security Operations Assesments

    Get a deep dive assessment of you security operations and how it connects with your technical systems.  Do your systems and operational procedures match your risk profile? What are your options? Where should you focus your investment in order to get the best ROI while also improving security operations?

  • Develeping a Security Master Plan

    Is your security lacking a strategic plan and direction?  BluOcean can work with you together to create a Security Master Plan. Such a plan includes mission, standards, procedures, training, product life-cycle management, and a 5 - 10-year role out plan.  

  • Integrated Systems Design

    In today's interconnected digital world, there are endless opportunities to integrate your systems in ways that provide more functionality and efficiencies at a lower cost.

    Integration is not only limited to security. Consider integrating your facility or business systems with your security systems to create more value for your organization.

    BluOcean can provide an initial assessment of your current systems and needs to provide initial feedback as to what options you may have.

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