Cyber threats in schools

Attackers exploit valid credentials and/or privileged accounts 100% of the time. With those kinds of statistics, it is hard to imagine companies still turn a blind eye. The cost of doing nothing is routinely displayed in the endless stream of reports detailing yet another compromise in companies large and small around the globe. Every industry in every sector of the economy is susceptible to the risk of having their own privileged accounts exploited.

Cybersecurity isn’t a new concern by any means—it’s just one that’s taken many schools quite a long time to develop a safety plan. With recent ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Petya, the potential theft and leakage of data, particularly confidential information, should be on the minds of all school leaders.

Here are some of the threats schools should be aware of:


Link security

From ransomware to phishing and other types of security breaches, direct contact is the number one way that you can create a vulnerability in your system. Those who commit these online crimes are finding smarter and sneakier ways to infiltrate your data every day. Sometimes the attack can even come as an email from a legitimate sender, or appear to be a perfectly normal message on social media. The goal is usually to get you to click on a link.


BYOD “opportunity and challenge”

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the concept where organizations allow and leverage their clients to use their own devices for the organizations use. In schools you could find many systems used on the smartphones (LMS, Payment system Etc.). Devices that come from the students are a big threat to the organizations network.


Keep your IT environment up to date

Usually organizations that don’t have a dedicated IT staff onsite tend to neglect their infrastructure. Keeping your hardware and software up to date is very important. Hackers learn everything about the hardware and software and use that knowledge to find vulnerabilities in your system.