Assessment Services

We provide different levels of assessment services based on your organization. Assessments includes a full details report of your digital and cyber vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and optional solutions.

  • Full review of digital vulnerabilities

  • Access and penetration testing

  • Review of processes and awareness

  • Emergency readiness and plans

Detection and Monitoring

Let us take over the detection and monitoring of your systems....

  • IDS\IPS - intrusion detection system

  • SOC 24\7 monitoring

  • Honey pot traps

Prevention and Protection

Protecting your digital assets and preventing unauthorized assess is a key aspect of any cyber security strategy.

  • Identity management

  • FW configuration

  • IT process management

  • Hardware management

  • Facility management

  • BYOD challenge


Once an incident has occurred, are you prepared?

  • Response protocols

  • Restore from backup

Cyber considerations for schools