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Security Consultants

As a Security Consultant you will provide consulting and advisory services to customers regarding their security systems, operations, and risk management. This may include design, systems, technology, management, operations, standards, audits, etc.

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Account Managers

As an Account Manager you will primarily be responsible for developing and maintaining customer relationships while also developing business and generating income. You will be the main point of contact for the customer on all corporate and commercial issues. You will also be involved in all services and will be expected to consistently add value to the customer.


AutoCAD Specialist

As an AutoCAD Specialist you will work closely with other team members to draft and produce the highest quality design diagrams and specifications. You will work with AutoCAD and a range of other design tools.


Project Managers

As a Project Manager your main responsibility will be to deliver amazing projects to the highest standards while also ensuring customer satisfaction. This includes working with related parties internally and on site to coordinate the project delivery. You will supervise all sub contractors and over see the whole process of a project. This is a challenging yet very interesting and rewarding position.