Managed Services

Bring your security operations to a new level.

BluOcean will manage the routine operations of your security and allow you to focus on what matters the most to you and your organization. Managed Services is ideal for an organization with limited resources and challenging deliverables.

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Project Management

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System Admin

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SOC Management

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Program Management

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Server Management

Managed Services can be tailor-made to the specific areas which need attention to complete your team and satisfy your needs.

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System Admin

Professional system administration allows you to focus on your operational needs.

  • Improved services for your company

  • Training and support from BluOcean

  • Qualified personnel

  • Dedicated resources

  • Consistent system health check and repair

  • Faster investigations

Cyber Security

We offer a range of CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) services to help create and manage your information security strategy.

  • Identifying risks

  • System Hardening

  • Compliance


BluOcean provides tailored training programs, including: Products, technology, systems management, administration, SOC operations and security awareness.

  • Design, draft and delivers program or platform

  • Review and improve strategies

  • Proven results and cost-effective

  • Offline and online programs

  • Adaptable for all organizational capacities

SOC Management

BluOcean can manage your SOC including staffing, training, administration, and work with you to improve your SOC management. 

  • Real time alarm and incident monitoring

  • Service ticket management

  • Geo-location monitoring of employees

  • Rapid response to emergencies

On-site Services

Embedded support allows you to focus on your core businesses.

  • Fully trained and vetted professionals

  • Easily scale or downsize your capacity to meet your business needs

  • Full back-end support and on-going training

Our professional on-site embedded personnel services range from:


  • Project Management

  • In-House Technical Support

  • Security Admin

  • Security Management

  • CISO Services​

Additional services may include:

  • Security as a service (outsource) we take over your security function

  • Budget management

  • Vendor management

  • New systems roll-out

  • Health check

  • Coordination with other related vendors and service providers

  • Guard management

  • Back-up solutions

  • In-house SOC

  • Investigations

  • Incident management

  • Emergency response readiness

  • Security training

  • Product lifecycle management

  • Service ticketing management

  • Audit Services

  • Design and tender management