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New Success Story -

BluOcean recently won a regional service agreement with a fast-growing international Chinese internet company. The client was struggling to manage their security operations and systems due to extreme growth of the business both in China and Internationally over the last several years.

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Is your physical security system protected from cyber threats?

Any established or growing business will have communication hardware components, mainly switches and routers. These devices have software that manages network transmission and communication but also creates vulnerability to outside attackers. Understanding how attackers can take advantage of this should be considered when designing or optimizing a network. Your network security is especially crucial if you are planning to set up a dedicated network for your security system.

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BluOcean was a proud sponsor and participant in the recent ASISS Conference held in Manila and hosted by the International School Manila.  

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2019年5月,动量蓝海有幸赞助了ASIS新加坡分会第二季度会议。会议吸引了将近百人参加,这是一个与同行专业人士面对面交流和讨论安全问题的好机会。  Click here to read more.

2019年4月2日 / 感谢上周参加蓝海中国上海活动的各位同行。再次见到这么多新老朋友,我们由衷地感到喜悦。与大家一起,我们讨论了蓝海的业务理念以及“安防新思路”。我们介绍了安防业务给使用者带来安全和便利的同时,如何为组织创造更多的价值。

HID近期完成并发表了客户调查白皮书  “Access Control in Practice Faces Technical, Workplace and User Challenges.” 您可以点此查看全文




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我们骄傲地宣布BluOcean 的新成员,动量蓝海电子安防科技(北京)的成立。我们从此正式开始了我们在中国的业务。项目经理,安防顾问,客户经理和运营助理等职位也同时开放。请与我们联系以获取更多信息。

BluOcean 很荣幸地被邀请参加了近期在南京举行的腾讯2018全球合作伙伴大会。在‘开放,共生’的主题下,腾讯传递了和各路伙伴一道,在技术方面不断共进的意愿。AI, big data, SaaS 和 云服务被BluOcean,腾讯和其他伙伴一道反复提及和讨论。

BluOcean 非常骄傲的为九月最后一周于曼谷举行的 ASISS 2018 提供赞助。ASISS是 Asian Schools Institute for Safety and Security的简称,是一个由亚太领先的多所国际学校共同加入的组织, 致力于提高亚太教育机构和学校的安全。