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Founded by a team of industry experts delivering high-end security projects and services in Asia since 1999, BluOcean Security is a technical centric service provider with a vision of implementing next generation security solutions to organizations in Asia. 

Our mission is to build a great company with amazing people providing the highest possible quality risk management services in the Asia Pacific. 

An Account-Based Approach

Our Account-Based approach to customer services means our organization is organized around customer relationships and not around traditional silos. This also ensures customers will always work with the same team members to guarantee the highest efficiency and satisfaction. 

Each client and project will have a dedicated or semi-dedicated team of account managers, project managers, and security experts who understand your organization and absorb knowledge of your organization to provide unique and premium services.  

Meet the Team


Effie Chen 

Managing Director 


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15 years of experience managing complex projects and teams in China, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Japan. Effie is known as the person that “gets things done”. 


Leo Luo


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20 years of experience managing security services in Asia, with a wealth of field knowledge and experience from implementing security solutions and strategies for leading multi-national organizations across the Asia Pacific. 


Ron Efron



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A veteran entrepreneur in the security industry having built teams and delivered high-end security solutions and successful projects in Asia since 1999. 


Avichai Sery 

Director, Head of Technology 


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Former member of the famed unit 8200 cyber security of the Israeli military, Avichai brings a wealth of experience with large systems integration, big data, cyber security, and general technical solutions to large organizations. 

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Priscilla Lin

Head of Global BD

Silicon Valley

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With over 20 years of experience in the security services and IT industries, Priscilla has versatile skillsets in Customer Services, Solutions, Product Management, Vendor Relationships, and forming Business Alliances.

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