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Annual Maintenance Service Statement

BluOcean provides a free post-project maintenance service for 12 months for integration projects completed by BluOcean.  


BluOcean is an experienced security systems integrator and service company providing turn-key integration projects, consulting services, and maintenance services.


Our standard free maintenance and service period is based on the following terms and conditions:

Service Location

BluOcean will provide security maintenance services for the security systems at the location of the installation project

Period of Service

BluOcean will provide security maintenance services for 12 months from the date of project hand-over.

Payment for Out of Scope Items

BluOcean reserves the right to charge the client for any out-of-scope work. 


Approvals for any quoted out-of-scope work must be done formally in writing and must be accompanied by a Purchase Order (PO) number for BluOcean to invoice against. Acceptable written approvals are hard copies sent by mail, or an email with a PDF attachment of the signed quote and PO.

Services Covered Under This Commitment

BluOcean provides a standard service package as part of the post-project first year service commitment:


Standard Package

  • Dedicated Account-Based Team

  • Guaranteed 24-hour response time for normal service calls (for selected regions)

  • Guaranteed 8-hour response time for emergency service calls (for selected regions)

  • 1 Power- Shutdown service per year

  • ONE Routine Maintenance Service (RMS)  per year OR as agreed.

  • Preferred pricing for consumable components (batteries, break glass, etc)

  • Remote technical support for equipment covered when possible

  • Free access to Service Ticketing platform

  • Free security consultation (conditions apply)


Normal Business Hours

‘Normal business hours’ is defined as Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm excluding Holidays. Work performed before or after the hours shown above or on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday is considered non- normal business hours.

Remote Technical Support

BluOcean Technical Support engineers are available to provide technical support remotely via remote access (if available), phone, video, or instructions via email, depending on the client’s preference to troubleshoot a reported equipment or technical issue. BluOcean also provides remote assistance by working with the manufacturer to arrange for RMA’s (return material authorization) so equipment can be shipped for repair evaluation and next steps. There are instances in which a Client does not wish to approve repair due to cost or the consideration of equipment replacement. Manufacturers’ may charge an evaluation fee and this fee will apply for repairs that are declined. Any such fees, if applicable, will be billed to Client.

Emergency Service Call Criteria

Emergencies are defined as an entire system is rendered non-functional and failure is causing critical impact to customer’s business operations and no work-around solution is available.

Routine Maintenance Service (RMS) Criteria

One (1) Routine Maintenance Visit defined as 1 system check per time. BluOcean will coordinate the RMS schedule with Client in advance, Client will provide site access and IT room access for the RMS service. If the site access and IT room access become unavailable, not scheduled, or if an additional visit is requested then a return visit for preventive maintenance would be considered out of scope and billable. Up to 1-hour of end user training is available during any scheduled RMS visit (otherwise considered out of scope). BluOcean will provide RMS service to all security equipment and products listed in the ‘Equipment List’ in this service agreement during the period of this contract. The service scope covers product inspections, cleaning and replacement of consumables, database backup (if applicable), system testing, and documentation update.  BluOcean will coordinate with the Client for the RMS schedule min 2 weeks in advance.

Equipment List Coverage Criteria

BluOcean will provide maintenance service and product warranty only for the equipment included in the original project supplied by BluOcean. Any other equipment which is not included in the original project, or supplied by other vendors, is considered out of the contract scope and is billable.


The services outlined below are not included as part of this commitment:


  • Products, equipment or systems not provided by BluOcean;

  • New functions or equipment;

  • Any changes requiring construction work;

  • System failure caused by abnormal use (including failure to follow usage instructions, tampering, repair or attempted repair by personnel other than those authorized by BluOcean);

  • On-site visits due to problems that have already been determined as unrelated to BluOcean;

  • Any equipment such as lift trucks, scaffolding, cherry pickers, cranes, or equipment related to working with heights over 5 meters;

  • Significant system re-programming;

  • On-site visits due to building power cut exceeding 1 time per year (unless required by or approved in advance by BluOcean).

  • Damage due to natural disaster (i.e. flooding, weather conditions, violent acts, pandemics, etc.).

Submitting Service Tickets And Other Requests

The Client’s representatives will submit service tickets by sending an email to

BluOcean will send updates to the Client until the service ticket is successfully closed.

Spare Parts

Standard Products

BluOcean guarantees to stock normal spare parts and products and ensure such spare parts are available for use by the CLIENT.

Non-standard Products

Regarding Non-standard products or products that were tailor made, BluOcean will attempt to accommodate the customer and provide spare parts with the same function for temporary replacement or provide a temporary solution before completing full repairs or replacements.  It is recommended CLIENT’s invests and maintain a minimal level of backup components for any system critical non-standard products.


BluOcean, using utmost care, will not use or disclose to any other party any confidential information, which may be disclosed to BluOcean by a Client in connection with performance of any services to a client. The term "confidential information" means any information which relates to internal controls, computer or data processing programs, electronic data processing applications routines, subroutines, techniques or systems, or business affairs and methods of operation or proposed methods of operation of either Client, any affiliate of Client, any vendor of Client, or any Client of Client. This section shall not apply to the extent of the confidential information already in the possession of BluOcean, independently developed by BluOcean, publicly disclosed by a Client or others, rightfully received by BluOcean from a third party without obligation of non-disclosure, approved for release by written Agreement with BluOcean, or disclosed pursuant to the requirement of a governmental agency or third party as such disclosure is required by operation of law, regulation or court order.


BluOcean is covered with the following insurance policies listed below. Copies of Insurance certificates will be provided upon request. Should a Client require greater coverage or be listed as additional insurers on the policy, there may be additional charges. BluOcean’s insurance provider must approve all additional insurers and any specific wording required.

  • General Liability

  • Professional Indemnity

  • Work Injury Insurance

Use Of Sub-Contractors

BluOcean reserves the right to utilize a subcontractor to deliver services. Subcontractors are strictly selected from BluOcean’s Regional Service Network, guaranteeing a high level of technical expertise. BluOcean is responsible for all deliverables and remains the single point of contact for communications, coordination and scheduling with the Client.

** BluOcean reserves the right to change above terms and conditions.

** Certain clients may have dedicated service contracts.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions related to this commitment or if there is anything else we can do for you, please contact your account manager or send us an email to

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