Are you using the Power of Video Analytics?

In a time where drones, autonomous cars, cooking robots, IOT devices, cloud computing, and many more technologies are starting to provide real valuable services for customers, it is important that security integration and service companies seek the best tech that will give added value to their clients.  ​ The Video Surveillance business has been changing rapidly during the last decade and the challenges have been shifting as well, from cabling and connectivity to today’s processing and cloud communications.  Video surveillance is part of everybody’s lives, the question is how much are you benefiting from the system?  Video Analytics systems are a good fit for industrial facilities, shopping malls, corporate campuses, hospitals, energy production facilities, schools, government buildings, and other large facilities.  This is mainly due to the high cost of the software.  Video Analytics combines analytics and algorithms with video footage to determine what is happening in real-time. The system “looks” for security threats, highlights the threat on a screen, and will then send a clip of the video to appropriate security personnel. The system uses a form of ‘Machine Learning’, so in many cases, you can train and design the system based on your unique and actual needs.  ​ Here are example scenarios where Video Analytics can help: Recognize behavior often exhibited by shoplifters and identify potential threats preemptively, track objects that see irregular movements such as being carried somewhere and left for a time then being picked up by a different person. 

Examples of applications where Video Analytics can provide value include: A person is attacked in a parking lot; a person is attempting to climb over a perimeter fence; a car is entering an unauthorized area; a bag is left unattended (potential bomb threat); able to count customers and estimate their ages/loyalty status in real-time; monitor the length of a line; identify a manager as she walks through a crowd; people loitering in a specific area; detecting objects dropped or left behind; identification of attempted tailgating.  

We are even starting to see abilities that discern demographic information or identify clothes and other objects. This will only continue to evolve.  

Analytic software is also being trained to identify a wide range of activities, such as using a phone, a handshake, violence, alcohol consumption or movement to and from an object. 

Video Analytics continues to evolve daily with new features and technologies continuously being introduced to the market. Today, we are confident that every client in every application can benefit from utilizing Video Analytics as part of their security solution and will help users get more out of their systems. Contact BluOcean Security today to see how you can benefit.