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BluOcean India: Project Completion for Global Healthcare Technology Leader

In October 2020, BluOcean India was awarded a significant project for a global leader in healthcare technology in Hyderabad.

While the team was ecstatic to begin this large-scale project, timing was not on their side. The project was slated to begin while India faced the peak of COVID-19 cases. Logistics across the country slowed to a halt and finding safe accommodation for the team was challenging. However, the mounting roadblocks added a new perspective to project management and created an experience unlike any other for the 150,000 square feet space.

To adapt to the on-site situation, the project was segmented into three phases and was completed in March 2022 with safety and health of all team members at the forefront of the implementation. Thorough disinfection of spaces and tools, testing, and crowd control measures were taken to ensure all on-site personnel were protected in a safe work environment.

The project included the installation of over 70 access control doors and alarms and over 40 security cameras provided by Avigilon. BluOcean was also responsible for integrating the access control and CCTV systems.

We are proud to announce BluOcean India successfully accomplished a great endeavor during unprecedented times.



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