Success Story-Global E-Commerce Giant Benefits from BluOcean's Consulting Services

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

A leading global E-commerce giant with aggressive expansion plans in Asia was seeking a trusted partner to provided security consulting with a focus on systems design and specifications.

The client chose BluOcean Security due to our independence and impartiality, as well as our technical expertise and hands-on experience delivering projects in Asia. Additionally, BluOcean was able to provide a dedicated consulting team with in-depth understanding of the client’s needs and requirements.

The Need:

The client wished to adjust the way they manage projects in Asia in order to obtain better over-all results with less resources. After evaluating their direct and in-direct cost, they concluded to work with an unbiased consultant on technical and RFP issues and use that to reduce cost and better manage projects.

The client was seeking consulting services specifically related to technical project design, technical specifications, and RFP management to support the business growth around Asia.

The Solution:

BluOcean worked closely with the client to fully understand needs, requirements, objectives, risk profile, current standards, and growth plans.

With this in-depth knowledge and understanding of the customer’s needs, BluOcean provided the following specific consulting and design services:

· Device plan design

· Layout design

· Cabling and trunk design

· Details system schematics

· Device installation details and wiring instructions

· Programing instructions

· System testing tools

· BOQ drafting

· Budget Estimation

In line with our service principle of “Account Based Approach”, BluOcean appointed a dedicated team of professionals and a dedicated secure SharePoint site for these services. All deliverables are provided via a secure on-line site, properly backed up, and include audit trails for maximum security.

Services include weekly coordination meetings with the client’s team and weekly written project reports tracking the progress with various open projects.

The Value:

The design and consulting services have been provided for sites located in Mainland China, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

The client was able to reduce costs of equipment through smarter design, improve the RFP management processes, Project Management process, and negotiate better deals with the Systems Integrators.

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