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How Video Analytics help protection from COVID-19?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

By Owen Li

COVID-19 has changed the world over the past few months, countries are on lockdown, entire businesses are working from home and people are experiencing enforced social distancing. COVID-19 undeniably changes the way we look at security. Innovative security technologies are more critical now than ever. Here are several points on how video analytics can help with your strategy to fight COVID-19. It not only provides contact-less solutions to overcome the challenges, but also reduces security operational costs.

Crowd Management

During the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has become a standard public health intervention around the world, especially for retail stores, supermarkets, banks, corporate campuses, schools and hospitals. Several practices such as maximum occupancy of indoor customers and social distancing regulations have been adopted. When business owners recruit security staff or part-time employees, it will result in extra labor cost and a less than satisfactory result. AI-based video analytics solutions will help to reduce the load on manual management as well as the risk of infection.

This solution includes edge-computing stereo counting camera, PoE switch, and network video recorder. The solution is designed to enable businesses to comply with social distancing regulations and maintain maximum occupancy as well as a safer and healthier environment during virus outbreak. With the intelligent video analytics system deployed, it will enable effective management of crowds, provide precise tracking and a up to 98% counting accuracy. Combining AI with deep-learning analytics, video data can be gathered, analyzed, and applied in real-time, enabling staff to respond rapidly. It minimizes physical contact while providing a safer business environment.

Remote Monitoring and Analysis during lockdownRemote Monitoring and Analysis during lockdown

Face Verification and Body Temperature Detection

Due to the fever symptoms in the early stage of virus infection, timely monitoring and checking peoples’ fever status has become very important for pandemic control. Face verification and body temperature detection by AI cameras are highly useful for temperature screening. This intelligent video system will offer two level protection:

  1. Body temperature detection via a high precision camera to deliver contactless temperature measurement. The temperature detection distance is between 0.5m and 1.5m with an accuracy of ±0.3°C. The system combines image analytics with body infrared thermal monitoring to offer effective temperature detection. If anyone with an elevated body temperature is detected, the system will send an alarm to assist staff in emergency handling.

  2. Hygienic mask detection via high precision cameras, if the visitor is not wearing a mask the system will trigger an alarm.

Face verification and body temperature detection can be integrated with access control system to support contact-less access and deny entry when elevated body temperature or mask absence is detected.

Remote Monitoring and Analysis during lockdown

Traditional video surveillance systems are designed to be closed circuit, located on business premises and monitored by security staff. But in the full lockdown situation many sites are empty over a long period and will then be exposed to potential threats. For example, the complete absence of staff may lead to an increased number of unauthorized entries. With the deployment of AI video system, when an intruder enters the camera integrated with humanoid detection module will automatically detect and track the human. In addition, an intrusion alarm will be pushed to an APP which will enable security personnel to respond quickly. Cloud based video system can be designed to automatically upload the clip of the alarm video to the Cloud which will prevent video loss and offers online monitoring and investigation.

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About Owen Li.

Based in Beijing, Owen is one of BluOcean’s in-house experts and Subject Mater Expert focusing on Video and Video AI.

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