New Success Story - Fast-growing Beijing based Chinese Internet Company


BluOcean won a service agreement with this fast-growing international Chinese internet company. The client was struggling to manage and even keep stock of their security system due to extreme growth over the last several years.


As an initial stage, BluOcean will manage and maintain over 3600 security points in 30 sites in 10 cities in Northern China. Future plans include integrating a smart surveillance system with a cutting-edge access control platform, as well as integration with other systems.


“We won this partnership by providing a competitive price structure and demonstrating a great team. This client needed a strong, dedicated security partner in North China that is not just a great service provider but also who understands the needs of a fast-growing modern organization. BluOcean was simply the best suited for this,” explains Leu Luo, a BluOcean Director and Board member based in Beijing.


BluOcean continues to invest in capacity and infrastructure to deliver exceptional services across China, South East Asia, and India.