Brivo Cloud Based Access Control

Brivo is the global leader in cloud-based access control and security platforms for commercial and multifamily properties. Our mission is to provide Simply Better Security solutions that improve user experiences for property managers, tenants, employees, and visitors.  Brivo's platform is used by over 25 million users worldwide and is deployed in 43 countries.  Brivo's fourth generation access control system Brivo Access offers powerful data tools and 3 Editions that are suitable for all types of customers.


Jonathan Polon--BRIVO, Sr. Director of Business Development

Jonathan Polon is the Senior Director of Business Development at Brivo.  He has been with Brivo for 7 years.  Jonathan leads sales for Brivo outside of North America and also leads software partnerships that come to Brivo via integration using the Brivo API.



1. Brivo Introduction and company overview

2. Brivo Access Features and Benefits

3. Brivo hardware

4. Brivo API and benefits

5. Q&A

The overall time will be about one hour. This webinar will be recorded for future consumption. 

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