Personal Data, Global Effects: China's Personal Information Protection Law


Zach Lichtblau--Bonnard Lawson, partner

Zach is a Shanghai partner at Bonnard Lawson - International Law Firm and one of the partners in Equasia which provides consulting trust and corporate secretarial services in Hong Kong and China. He has been based in Shanghai since 2005 and with Bonnard Lawson since 2010. Zach's practice focuses on providing legal support to International companies and entrepreneurs who are active or wish to become active in the Chinese market. This includes corporate structuring and restructuring, compliance, labor law and IP support as well as advice relating to commercial contracts and dispute management.


Zach Lichtblau from Bonnard Lawson will talk about China's new Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), which is a milestone in China’s long-term effort towards a comprehensive privacy and data governance regime. 

1. Introduction

  • Are we talking about privacy?

  • Why is it important?

  • Data Protection and Privacy Legislation Worldwide


  • Principles

  • Important definitions

  • Key features: extra-territorial effect, the legal basis for data processing, cross-border transfer, individual rights, legal liability, and personal information handlers’ duties.

3. How to comply with the PIPL?

4. Q & A 

The overall time will be about one hour. This webinar will be recorded for future consumption. 

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