The Power of Mobile Devices in Security

Avichai Sery 

--Head of Solutions, BluOcean Security

A veteran of the famous unit 8200 of the Israeli Defense Force focusing on cyber warfare and cyber-related threats. Avichai's responsibility included translating organization needs to specific technical solutions focusing on software and hardware, network topology, data security, data integrity, and support mechanisms. ​ 

Avichai has in-depth knowledge relating to cloud technologies, products, and capabilities, as well as, managing extreme amounts of data (over 4PB), creating network layers within a LAN, designing hybrid cloud solutions, drafting DRP plans, and preventing cyber-attacks.  


Avichai’s has a unique advantage when designing and managing modern physical security systems for large organizations and is able to bridge IT and Security as well as cyber and physical with creative solutions. 


Leo Luo

--Operation Director, BluOcean Security

As a senior manager in a fast-growing high-end integration company, Leo was instrumental in expanding engineering excellence and capacity around Asia.


Leo has abundant on-the-ground working and project experience in China, India, Japan, South East Asia, and Australia. More than 20 years of project management, integration, and general management experience.

Leo understands the security business from the ground up. With a combination of engineering, logistics, project management, and understanding of risk, Leo can help your security operations to be more efficient and cost-effective.


During this session we will dive into mobile device usage for access control systems.  We will show a live demo of one of our cloud based solutions using mobile credentials.

  • Introduction

  • The problem

        -COVID increase the need for remote management

        -Dependencies on access cards


        -User experience evolution

        -Identity theft and employee real time location

  • The solution

        -Manage security remotely using any devices

        -Enable user access via mobile device

        -Prevent theft of card by MFA

        -Solutions in the market -HID Mobile, Brivo, OpenPath

  • Q&A

The overall time will be one hour. This webinar will be recorded for future consumption. 

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