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Ramesh at BluOcean India


Ramesh manages a busy schedule at BluOcean India’s office in Bangalore. As a senior project manager, his day begins with team calls with regional and Singapore-based colleagues where they discuss the latest updates on ongoing projects. As Ramesh explains, “We have a very open and IT-driven organization with a very lean process and fast working culture. The energy of my colleagues keeps me busy and excited.”

With a degree in Electronics and Communications under his belt, Ramesh has a knack for communicating with the global team, our clients and trusted vendors and suppliers, making him an asset that connects the dots across BluOcean’s operations.

When asked what Ramesh enjoyed most about working at BluOcean he said, “I appreciate the quality leadership team and support from other colleagues. The internal training is very helpful to my job, as are the project management tools we use.” Ramesh enjoys his multifaceted responsibilities, which include managing projects in India in every aspect, customer service, accounts management and training new “Oceaneers” joining the expanding team, to name a few.

Ramesh is currently working on several projects across India for major tech and manufacturing companies, contributing vastly to the growth of BluOcean as a whole. He explains, “I want to develop myself to a level where I exceed my own expectation of overall deliverables assigned to me within time bound limits.”

Outside of work, Ramesh enjoys traveling with his family, listening to music and outdoor activities. However, the conversation steered back to BluOcean, with him explaining that “BluOcean has an excellent management team that’s very process-oriented and a great place to work!”

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