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Whether you are seeking assistance with basic system design, assessment, or a master plan for your organization, BluOcean is in a unique position to assist with practical and usable advice and services to create the added value and the edge you need.

Systems & Technology

BluOcean looks beyond simply integrating systems. Our range of consulting services help organizations improve security and overall risk management.

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Security Assessment

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Security Design

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Budget & Cost Management

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Tender Management

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Project Management

Systems Design

Detailed and practical design that can be distributed to project managers, contractors, or delivered as part of a tender package.

Technical Standards​​

Establish clear system and technical standards and procedures to improve effectiveness of overall security in your organization and help you prepare for the future.


BluOcean offers in-depth tailor-made training programs and seminars for end-users. Our training ranges from technical, products, systems, compliance, and security management.

Product Specifications

Determine optimal systems, platforms and products that work seamlessly with your organization’s unique operations, environment, future needs and technical developments.

Integrated Systems Design

Connect facilities, operations and business systems with your security system to create more comprehensive value for your organization.

Cyber Security

Cyber threats are real and need to be considered when planning your over-all physical security strategy. Ensure your security hardware is properly configured for Cyber threats, 

System Assessment 

Conduct in-depth audits of existing security systems and environments to better understand your organization’s needs. We provide a range of audits and assessment levels.

Master Security Plans

Develop and roll out a 5 to 10 year plan that defines goals, standards, procedures, training and product lifecycle management.

Today’s innovative technology allows interconnectivity on a larger scale and helps us integrate systems across functions
  • Flexible Access Control

  • Intelligent Video

  • Parking Systems

  • Identity Management

  • Self-Registration and Pre Check-in

  • Cashless payments

  • Real-time Geo Location

  • Vehicle Monitoring

  • Virtual Escort and Tracking

  • Visitor Management

  • Copy and Printing Systems

  • Vending

  • Smart Office

  • Building Management

  • Systems Integration

  • Asset Management

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