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Embedded Services

BluOcean is uniquely suited to provide a range of high-quality tailor-made embedded services to support your security team in Asia. We have experience providing embedded professionals focusing on SOC Management, Sys Admin, in-house Project Management, and Security Management.

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Project Management

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System Admin

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SOC Management

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Team Growth

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Program Management

All candidates have initial and ongoing training relevant to their job scope. Working with BluOcean, clients can take advantage of the larger team's expertise behind the embedded professional. Using embedded services is a great way to scale and expand your capabilities with minimum resources.


The embedded professional works on a customer’s site and is part of the team.

System Admin

Professional system administration allows you to focus on your operational needs.

  • Improved services for your company

  • Training and support from BluOcean

  • Qualified personnel

  • Consistent system health check and repair

  • Faster investigations

Immediate Scalability

Using Embedded Services is a great way to immediately scale your operational capacity and meet your organization's short-term needs. We offer professionals with the skills and experience you need to achieve your security objectives in Asia. 

  • Tailor-made roles to fit your team

  • Fully trained and ready

  • Different levels of experience available

  • Adaptable for all organizational capacities

SOC Management

BluOcean can manage your SOC including staffing, training, administration, and work with you to improve your SOC management.

  • Real time alarm and incident monitoring

  • Service ticket management

  • Geo-location monitoring of employees

  • Rapid response to emergencies

Project Management

A full-time embedded Security Project Manager increases your operational capacity overnight. This is great for organizations struggling to keep up with their regional growth and roll-out of new facilities. 

  • Contributes to planning and design

  • Vendor management

  • Intimate knowledge of your standards

  • Manages testing and programming

Additional services may include:
  • Security as a service (outsource) we take over your security function

  • Budget management

  • Vendor management

  • New systems roll-out

  • Health check

  • Coordination with other related vendors and service providers

  • Guard management

  • Back-up solutions

  • In-house SOC

  • Investigations

  • Incident management

  • Emergency response readiness

  • Security training

  • Product lifecycle management

  • Service ticketing management

  • Audit Services

  • Design and tender management

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