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Integrating cloud-based security for multinational tech company in Suzhou

BluOcean is proud to share news of project completion for a multinational technology firm in Suzhou, China. Led by BluOcean’s Richard Li and Owen Li, the system integration project boasted installation of cloud-based security, including access control, CCTV, and intrusion systems for the client’s lab and office.

As the facility’s security was being upgraded during a renovation project, we experienced some challenges with the installation conditions. However, BluOcean successfully implemented cloud-based security systems with products from Brivo and Eagle Eye.

Brivo offers cloud-based access control solutions that complement physical spaces for smarter security. Together with Eagle Eye’s smart surveillance system, BluOcean created a cloud-based ecosystem that allows for efficient and flexible security at our client’s facility.

This project further amplified our confidence in cloud-based security and showcased the success of teamwork to accomplish our client’s needs. We expect cloud-based security solutions to continue to be adopted by large corporations.

We look forward to continued collaboration with our client in future offices in major cities in China.



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