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Integrating Intelligent Lockers for Smart Storage

In October 2021, BluOcean Security solidified a contract with a global software solutions organization to install intelligent lockers supplied by our partners at Traka.

As part of the client’s initiative to create smarter working environments, we installed large format lockers (Type 9) and additional modular lockers, totaling 72 smart storage compartments. The initial project was successfully completed in June 2022 and will continue to be integrated in the client’s global locations.

Intelligent lockers allow employees to store and access valuable assets and aids admin with efficient inventory management. The lockers are integrated with the client’s access control system, which synchronizes data with Traka’s system to manage access and track usage.

What are intelligent lockers?

Intelligent lockers are storage units that allow organizations to securely store and access critical assets that have large impact on their businesses. The automated lockers are integrated with access control systems that allow seamless management of assets, access and storage.

What are the benefits of intelligent lockers?

· Secure critical equipment and valuable assets on site

· Track usage and inventory remotely and online with RFID device identification

· Integrate existing access control system and synchronize with Traka’s management system

· Activate and manage access rights (via password, employee badge or a combination)

· Customize modular intelligent lockers according to functional and facility needs

· Seamless plug-and-play installation

We look forward to implementing intelligent lockers across the client’s offices in Asia and continuing our partnership with Traka.

Creating smarter workplaces

Does your business require managed access to valuable assets?

Consult with us and learn more about integrating intelligent lockers in your offices and facilities.



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