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Is cloud-based security safer than on-premise security?

The short answer is, yes.

In 2022, we talked about the growing trend of “Adapting to Cloud Security Solutions Post Pandemic”. In 2023, we are continuing to see a growing interest in integrating cloud security solutions and replace traditional on-premise security systems. In fact, the general consensus amongst cyber experts shows that cloud services are safer. Here’s why:

Cloud service providers have a vested interest in security

Cloud service providers rely on data and technology. Therefore, they have a lot to lose if their customers’ data is compromised. As a result, they invest heavily in proven technology and security measures, such as data encryption, intrusion detection and 24/7 monitoring.

Cloud services are scalable

Cloud technology in general allows flexibility. Systems can be scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of the customer. In addition, cloud solutions can be integrated with existing systems for a hybrid solution of cloud and on-premise systems. This is especially useful for businesses that experience demand fluctuations.

Cloud services are more reliable

Cloud security service providers operate with multiple data centers located around the world. With data backed up in several locations, if a data center is taken offline, data is still accessible from another location. This proves powerful as security systems are not reliant on physical hardware.

Challenges of moving to the cloud

While cyber experts continue to emphasize the safety and security of cloud-based solutions, a complete replacement of existing on-premise systems can be a large undertaking that requires large resources and budget. However, there are practical solutions to overcome hesitation and successfully integrate cloud security systems.

  • Proof of concept: Consider a trial run on a smaller facility. This can help security departments get familiar with operating and managing cloud systems and, in turn, provide the necessary insight into improving the system for an organization on a global scale.

  • Consult with a cloud-based security systems specialist: The best way to dive into cloud-based security systems is to learn from an expert. Security decision makers will have the opportunity to learn more about cloud-based solutions in order to select systems that best suit the organization’s needs and requirements.

  • Consider this a long-term investment: Cloud systems are flexible, adaptable and can be integrated with a hybrid system that allows organizations to implement solutions with on-premise systems. As technology continues to advance, the security industry will see more usage of cloud systems that can be customized to your organization’s different needs. While initial setup costs can be high, over time cloud security systems will prove to be worth the investment in terms of longevity and robustness.

In a previous article, we explored whether cloud security benefits all businesses. While, there are logical reasons why integrating fully to the cloud isn’t a priority for security departments, cloud-based security systems will ultimately become the global standard.


At BluOcean, we believe in providing our clients with optimal security solutions that are cloud-focused and tailored to your needs. To learn more about cloud security solutions and integration, please contact BluOcean Security at



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