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A Producer of Secure Credentials Benefits From Project Consulting

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

A leading global manufacturer of secure ID cards, credit cards, and other credentials recently hired BluOcean as security consultants providing comprehensive pre-project services.

The client, with extensive operations around the Asia Pacific, sought innovative ways to improve security while also reducing cost for their new plant in China. Furthermore, the client needed to handle the high internal demands with a very small team and limited resources. The new plant had an externally aggressive schedule, and everyone had pressure to complete the demanding work on time. Additionally, due to the nature of the business, the client needed to comply with the highest possible security standards.

Once hired, BluOcean analyzed needs, produced details design packages and plans, and managed the whole RFQ process to ensure the client is getting the best possible deal with the best possible systems integrator. Working with the local China-based team and the global security team helped bridge communications gaps and ensure all stakeholders are on the same page. The final design needed to re-use and incorporate equipment from the existing manufacturing site.

Specific services included:

  • Identifying, documenting, and analyzing risk.

  • Identifying and documenting operational and security needs.

  • Producing full and detailed design, installation, and programming specifications.

  • Device installation detail and wiring instructions.

  • Product specifications and BOQ for tender purposes.

  • Budget estimations.

  • Producing Full Tender/RFQ package.

  • Identifying and recommending possible qualified bidders.

  • Reviewing and analyzing bidder proposals, including interviews, producing analysis reports, and recommendations.

  • Price negotiations.

The final design included:

  • Over 500 cameras

  • 123 card readers

  • Over 600 alarm points

  • 40 Biometric readers

  • Intercom systems

  • Turnstiles

  • Security Gates

  • Network and Cabling infrastructure

  • Re-use of existing equipment from the previous facility.

Using BluOcean's Account-Based Approach, the client benefited from working with a dedicated team professional. Working with a dedicated team was more pleasant and helped ensure that work and communication were very efficient.

The Value

The client, utilizing BluOcean's services and specific China-based and Singapore-based experts, was able to achieve its stated goal of obtaining the highest security standards for the new China plant while reducing time and cost.

"This is one of the most complex and highest demanding projects I have ever worked on. I am very proud of the final results and our team," explains Effie Chen, BluOcean's Managing Director, who was personally involved in this project.



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