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BluAcademy: Synergizing BluOcean’s Ecosystem

BluOcean has recently partnered with SAP Litmus to create a tailor-made interactive training platform. Called BluAcademy, the platform is fully online, enabling BluOcean teams to improve their skills, professionalism, and work-life balance from any device at any time.

The learning platform will be used internally to help onboard employees, provide support and increase the connection between BluOcean teams and partners across Asia.

Leveraging our experience and understanding of cloud technology, we are developing BluAcademy to integrate our services both internally for BluOcean Security and externally for BluOcean clients and partners.

In the future, we plan to further develop BluAcademy to benefit our clients and local service providers:

· Clients will have access to a library of tailor-made courses and modules covering a wide range of security concepts, awareness training, technology, and system management. BluAcademy will provide clients with the tools to promote better security awareness, systems management, and maximized overall ROI.

· Local service providers will benefit from BluAcademy to further grow their business by optimizing their skills and service quality through specialized training tools.

We strive to grow the BluOcean online ecosystem and connect all stakeholders on a single platform to share information and to deliver optimal security solutions to our customers.

The first phase of BluAcademy will focus on professional and personal growth that will translate into the workplace. We see the integration as a learning platform to elevate productivity and efficiency within an ever-evolving team with tools for:

· Team on-boarding

· Project management

· Technical training

· IT Skills

· Time Management

As we highlight the importance of a work life balance, we will also be offering our team content that may guide them through stress, health and other interests.

For us, BluAcademy will be an integral tool for long term growth that will support our mission to provided premium security solutions in Asia Pacific. We hope that BluAcademy will strengthen our mission to build a great security service company with even greater people.



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