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BluOcean Expands Scope with Global Tech & Software Engineering Firm

BluOcean has completed multiple projects for our client in tech & software engineering in Beijing, China, Singapore and Manila, Philippines. Though the project scopes differed in each location, BluOcean delivered the same level of service to install systems including access control and CCTV.

Having been awarded the project in Manila last year, BluOcean was selected to expand the scope of work in Beijing and Singapore. During the bidding process, BluOcean presented detailed proposals and clear processes that required approval from the client’s headquarters in the US. Ultimately, BluOcean’s communication style and in-depth proposal stood out to the client. During the project, BluOcean’s project managers also developed a stronger relationship with the Security Head of APAC who advised BluOcean on delivering premium security solutions.

This project allowed BluOcean’s regional teams to share insight, build on their skills and develop customized solutions for each of the client’s locations, illustrating BluOcean’s account-based approach. Our regional teams tailored and adapted solutions based on the unique needs and requirements on each site while maintaining cohesiveness.

The team effort between BluOcean’s project managers for each site provided a platform for strong communication and information-sharing between all stakeholders, exemplifying a strong commitment to deliver high quality security solutions to the client.



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