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BluOcean Singapore Secures Global Logistics Project

We are thrilled to announce BluOcean Singapore has won a bid to work with a leading regional and international logistics company.

The client’s new multi-floor logistics center in Singapore boasts over 18,000 sqm of warehouse and sorting spaces, in addition to offices. The structure includes different closed-off sections to house goods and parcels, including high-value items that will require high levels of security. The project will integrate products from Lenel, Bosch, Airship and Hanwha.

To minimize investment costs, BluOcean worked with the client’s security team to generate solutions that are both cost-effective and compliant with their global standards. Together with BluOcean’s consultants, the client has chosen to proceed with the optimal solution considering the site’s unique environment and specific needs.

We look forward to continuing our path to #BeExtraordinary2022 by nurturing a strong relationship and supporting our client’s security requests around Asia!



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