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BluOcean Update: Enhancing Relationship with China-based Tech Giant

BluOcean Security has recently expanded our working relationship with a leading technology company in China. Having worked with the client for the past three years, we are growing the team of BluOcean embedded professionals from one member to four members.

BluOcean has fully embedded two professionals in Eastern and Southern China respectively and has plans to embed two additional professionals in Southeastern China. We continue to work with the client to fill additional roles in other cities to support the business growth in China.

The client has been experiencing explosive growth with tens of thousands of security points around the nation. To help maintain their facilities as the tech giant continues to scale, BluOcean has been reappointed as their security service partner.

To allow the client to focus on their core operations and service demands, BluOcean’s embedded team will assist with a security-related work scope that includes:

  • Maintenance and troubleshooting services

  • New project acceptance tests

  • Security-related consulting, incl. refining internal processes

  • Updating security floor plans for facilities across China

Our renewed relationship with our client will allow them to keep up with the security demands of their new facilities and focus on operations with minimum effort and investment.

Is your business expanding in Asia and in need of security services?

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