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Creating Security System Standards for Global Companies

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Standardizing security systems across global facilities is one of the biggest challenges security departments face in large corporations, especially with multiple facilities across regions or the world. Creating company-wide guidelines and standards can greatly reduce security risks and alleviate security departments from a diverse set of roadblocks. Setting standards also improves productivity, establishes greater control and reduces overall set up costs.

Decide what systems will be part of the catalog

To identify the full scale and scope of the security systems required, list out all the functions the organization requires. Start from critical functions that will directly affect operations to low-risk functions that would be added bonuses, but not crucial.

This can be done in a simple document that can be updated and edited based on experience. This document can be shared with security directors globally and will act as a guideline when selecting a setup for a specific regional site.

Choose global vendors

Select vendors that are experienced in multi-site and multinational projects who have global reach much like your organization. This allows organizations to work with one vendor who has the know-how and expertise on working with global companies and that can standardize systems across regions. However, there are instances where partnering with a regional partner is more efficient. When selecting a reliable security partner, consider their existing presence in your region and research their approaches to security solutions.


Make sure systems support the language needed in the region. Consider the security team in each region and whether English is the appropriate language. Note, there are two types of language support: interface language and context language.

Systems Integration

When considering new systems, consider the feasibility for systems integration with existing products. Ask: What is unique about this product and is it worth pursuing this direction? Global companies usually implement a PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) platform. If so, ensure that new integrations will work with the PSIM.

Secure your global presence

It is crucial for global companies to have a robust set of security standards to ensure streamlined security across all locations. While there may be regional difference in security setups, creating guidelines companywide allows seamless interaction and lowers risks that may have a ripple effect.

A good practice for security professionals is to stay updated with the latest tech trends and best practices to adapt the security infrastructure as needed.


We at BluOcean Security are experienced in integrating security solutions across borders and regions. Our expertise lie in cross-regional and multinational security systems. For more information or support on building security standards, consult with us at



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