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How Are Embedded Services Changing Security Management for Global Businesses?

As multinational corporations continue to expand their services across borders, the demand for embedded security professionals has increased. This is especially evident in Asia, where the economy and opportunities for growth is attractive.

Embedded services allow businesses to operate locally while expanding globally. It is an attractive option for businesses that require a lean team with lower turnover rates and lower costs. The high demand for embedded services has encouraged BluOcean Security to expand the variety of tailored packages we offer to accommodate fast-growing clients.

Together with our clients, we have explored the realm of embedded security services. While each project illustrates different challenges and requirements, we have observed similar benefits across our customized embedded service offerings.


Legal compliance & risk management

Team expansion oftentimes require lengthy recruitment processes including background checks. Working with a trusted partner to provide skilled professionals reduces recruitment time and allows for professionals to be available (and even replaced) with short notice.

Enhanced customer services

Recruiting experienced professionals who are native to the region promotes localized business operations. Their expertise in local customs, common practices, culture and language improves assimilation in a business sense, which translates to better performance and better services.

Flexibility & scalability

Security departments of fast-growing organizations are able to expand capacity and keep up with growing operational demands by including embedded resources to regional security teams. This “on-demand” model operates like a SAAS model, allowing service contracts to be flexible based on market conditions and clients’ annual budgets.

Global clients are able to hire suitable talent in any location that is closer to their customers or operating sites, and have the flexibility to adjust personnel according to their needs.

Case Study: A US-based multinational with operations in India without security team members and no headcount to recruit staff. The client engaged BluOcean Security for solutions, and as a result has increased its capacity by incorporating two security technical professionals with security systems and project management expertise.

Sustainable global resources

Embedded staff can be a great resource as part of a global team or GSOC for on-call duties or rotations during off-working hours in other regions (such as in Americas & EMEA).

Same time zone as local markets

Embedded staff can operating according to local time zones and working hours for immediate reactions and respond efficiently to emergency dispatches.

Case Study: A multinational chemical company has a regional security command center (RSCC) in Singapore. The RSCC is comprised of two teams, each with four professionals and one RSCC manager. The teams work together and report to the clients’ regional security director. All the professionals and managers are hired, trained and managed by BluOcean Singapore, which has allowed the client to benefit from fully-staffed and trained RSCC teams.


Embedded staff receive necessary onboarding and on-the-job trainings to ensure core understanding of operations, necessary tools and common resources provided by BluOcean Security. Allowing embedded professionals to work remotely for a global company provides space for self-driven incentives, job satisfaction and greater achievements. In turn, global clients are able to enjoy effective and efficient operations with lower turnover rates. This is a win-win solution.

Case Study: A leading Internet company in China recently engaged BluOcean Security for two embedded project managers, based in Shanghai and Shenzhen. The project managers work with the client’s team to support business growth and expansion in facilities around China. The embedded managers are fully trained to meet client standards, systems and operational procedures, allowing them to report directly to China’s security manager. Support includes system maintenance, site inspections, testing and commissioning, project acceptance, system health checks amongst other responsibilities. This has allowed the client to efficiently expand business territories.

Lower overall operating costs

Hiring embedded professionals is a lower-cost option compared to hiring a full-time employee, particularly when considering all costs; from interviewing, onboarding, training, replacements, and so on. This is especially applicable in the Asia Pacific region where pay levels are relatively lower and turnover rates are currently high due to the global pandemic.

As multinational corporations continue to enter Asia Pacific, we expect the trend to embed services and outsource security professionals to grow.

Is your business expanding into Asia Pacific?

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