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How We Successfully Implement Projects Remotely?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

BluOcean Security is a boutique security service company providing management, consulting, and integration services across the Asia Pacific region to organizations that are serious about security. We specialize in delivering high-end services and projects in remote locations due to the nature of our work. Here are some of our best practices for managing projects remotely that we would like to share.


Like everything else in the service business, People are crucial to success. Ensure your Project Managers are excellent communicators and experienced working with people and systems remotely. Such Project Managers usually require a slightly different skill set than a standard PM working on-site.

Local Service Partners

To successfully deliver remote projects, having great people on the ground that you can trust is vital. At BluOcean, we spend significant time identifying and building relationships with the best local partners around the region.

Technical Infrastructure

Its essential to set up a good and secure technical infrastructure for file sharing, reporting, testing, programming, and general communications. There are several great options on the market to consider. Tools should be easy to use while also secure.

The technology needs to be accessible to all the stakeholders, including the client, PM company, sub-contractors, and local service providers, possibly OEM partners, and maybe others.

In BluOcean, we use Microsoft TEAMS, SharePoint for communications and file sharing, Smart Sheet, Plan Grid, Blue Beam, among others. These systems are easily accessible by everyone and are available in all regions, including China, and, most importantly, are compliant with international security standards. Products like Team Weaver or VNC provide secure remote access to servers programming, testing, and admin services.

Network Access

In many cases, you will need to access servers on the local network to complete testing, programming, and admin work. Depending on the organization, you may need to coordinate this with the client’s IT team. First, there is a need to confirm local internet connectivity to the worksite. If working on a green-field project, there may not be an internet connection to the building or office in time to complete the work. There is a need to consider this in advance and coordinate this need with the client. Consider a dedicated VPN for secure access and specific firewall configurations in advance to avoid delays to the project.


Know your logistics and import rules for the region where you are operating and implementing a project. Failing to do your homework around local logistics can create a serious snag and jeopardize the whole project.

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