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International School Security Upgrade

BluOcean recently completed an entire security refurbishment project for a leading international school in Manila. The upgrade focuses on new credentials, an access control system, door controllers, and locking systems for over 700 doors throughout the sprawling campus. To maximize the future ROI for this investment, the system can integrate with other security subsystems and other school systems.
This upgrade also includes a live lockdown function for all controlled doors during an emergency controlled through physical buttons and via the software or triggered by a specific event. The client can apply the lockdown function to the whole campus, specific sections, or individual doors.

We continue to service this fantastic school, and we are currently working with the client to upgrade their campus CCTV system.

BluOcean has worked with leading international schools across the Asia Pacific region. To learn more about how we can help you with your next-generation security, reach out to us at



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