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Is Cloud-Based Security Beneficial for All Businesses?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

The shift from traditional on-premise security infrastructures to cloud-based solutions is often at the forefront of conversations in the security industry. The technology behind cloud-based security solutions has matured over the past decade, making it a reliable alternative in the mainstream. Why is the security industry lagging behind with this tech trend? And, what type of businesses are migrating to the cloud?

The “Downside”

Committing to cloud-based security may have some drawbacks for particular users. There are also businesses that may not, or will not, benefit from joining the trend due to operational factors. Some common considerations include:

  1. Perception of High Risks: Due to the nature of cloud-based security, which relies on servers located in the “cloud”, some businesses may question the level of data protection that service providers can deliver.

  2. Performance: Considering the low usage rate of cloud-based security in large scale implementations, users may question its scalability and functionality.

  3. Systems Integration: Cloud-based solutions is an added benefit, but will it function with existing systems that users currently have?

  4. Lack of Priority: Key decision makers may not be prioritizing cloud-based solutions and therefore organizations experience slower integration of optimized technology.

The best fit for a fully cloud-based setup

The short answer: SMEs. With fewer facilities to manage, lower budgets and leaner teams, SMEs are attracted to cloud-based solutions for its one-stop-shop qualities. Most SMEs will have one facility or several smaller facilities with less than 100 access points and up to 100 video points, making streamlined cloud-based security easier to manage. This is especially true for businesses looking for a simpler plug-and-play setup that can manage all facilities on one platform.

Implementing a hybrid security environment

Going hybrid is not exclusively a concept for cars. Organizations that have an on-premise environment can consider cloud security for different areas of their facility, especially when developing new sites. This allows companies to experience new setups and evaluate the functions and performance. As we mentioned, the trend is to migrate security systems to the cloud and organizations need to start somewhere.

Cloud-based solutions aren’t for every organization

Some organizations function in highly-regulated industries that require on-premise data storing or a specific backup setup due to compliancy. If this is the case, migrating to the cloud may not be an appropriate security solution. In other cases, organizations may not be ready to migrate due to extensive investment in existing security solutions. However, we still encourage communicating with cloud vendors to explore options that may suit organizations in the future.

Hop on the “cloud train”

Cloud security is here to stay. Though cloud-based solutions may not suit every businesses’ needs, the technology will continue to evolve and become a necessary function of security systems. Migrating to the cloud now will allow businesses to acclimate faster and be at the forefront of innovation. We’re seeing a growing trend of larger companies implementing various cloud-based systems, further popularizing the technology.


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