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School Campus Consulting Job

BluOcean Security recently completed a consulting job for the leading international school in Hanoi, Vietnam. The multi-campus school was seeking to completely update their CCTV system with the newest technology and create a central management point for the whole organization.

In an effort to upgrade their security system, the Client reached out to BluOcean Security to provide Design and Consulting services, including Tender Management services for a CCTV and Security upgrade.

The Problem:
The client’s current CCTV system was a mixture of separate systems, some being analogue and some being IP based. Some of the equipment was originally installed in 2004. There is no central management; picture quality and storage are not up to standard, and no ability to integrate with other systems. Additionally, the security LAN was physically separated in two clusters on the campus. Furthermore, the client had a limited budget and needed to reuse existing system components as much as possible.

The client required a full upgrade of the CCTV system including the following:
· Central management.
· Fully IP based where possible.
· Excellent image quality.
· Storage capacity to meet or exceed their global standard.
· Easily scalable for the future.
· Capable to integrate with other security systems, such as access control.
· Meet budgetary constraints.

The challenge: Due to time constraints, the complete design package and tender process had to be completed within 30 days in order to complete the work during the annual school summer holiday.

The Solution:
After a complete review of the existing systems and optional solutions, and in consultation with the client, the client elected a new system based on Avigilon VMS and Honeywell IP cameras as the back-bone of the new CCTV system.

BluOcean’s package of services included:
· Detailed requirements collection and analysis.
· Systems and product feasibility analysis.
· Full set of detailed design specifications.
· Full detailed system and equipment specification and BOQ to meet requirements.
· Production of tender package to be sent to qualified bidders.
· Identifying qualified bidders.
· Tender review including analyzing bidders’ proposals, interviews, and final recommendations.

To learn more about how BluOcean can help you with your security challenges, reach out to us at



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