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Seamless Regional Maintenance Services

BluOcean provides regional Asia PAC real-time onsite services for a regional enterprise with complex access control and CCTV needs. With 36 separate facilities located in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand, the client sought a security partner with the right capabilities, coverage, and infrastructure to satisfy their unique needs.
BluOcean provides a dedicated client portal to manage and monitor service cases, analytics, communications, billing, and file storage to facilitate the services with the highest possible efficiency.
Following our "Account-Based Approach," the client works with a dedicated team of professionals, including a dedicated Account Manager, a dedicated technical lead and Project Manager, and dedicated Service Technicians in each location. Our "Account-Based Approach" allows us to have intimate knowledge of the customer’s needs, systems, and unique situations with each site.

Our Customer dedicated Service Portal

Customer real-time analytics

To learn more about how BluOcean can help you with our regional security challenges, reach out to



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