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Year in Review - 2021

Dear Friends and Partners,

As we close 2021 and prepare for 2022, there is a lot to reflect on and be grateful for. 2021 was our 3rd year of operations for BluOcean, while 2/3 of that time working within the environment of COVID. The pandemic has been challenging for everyone, yet we were able to continue our growth and thrive. For that, we are grateful.

Our business highlights for 2021 include growing by over 100%, doubling our team, opening an office in the USA, and winning new and amazing customers. We are proud to be partners with great customers, all of whom are demanding yet very serious about security. We will continue to provide the best services possible and support our customers' growth in Asia. Our customers are major contributors to local economies around Asia, and we are happy to be part of that positive story.

BluOcean is blessed to have a fantastic team of professionals. Each team member brings diversity and great energy every day and works to make things happen. Without this incredible team, none of this would be possible.

We were proud to be considered one of Singapore's official 2021 top emerging enterprises, which recognizes innovation and the potential for positive impact in Singapore. As the only security company in this group, we are proud of the recognition.

The industry is going through a transition to cloud-based technologies. We believe this is a natural and right direction for security technology, and that will bring a range of new benefits to organizations and end-users around the world. In 2021 we witnessed more cloud security deployments in the region. We remain confident and excited about this trend. It is time for integrators worldwide to up their game around cyber security, especially where it converges with physical security systems, and help organizations take advantage of these new technologies. This is a great and exciting time to be in the security field.

Looking into 2022, we expect more growth in Asia, and BluOcean will work to accommodate that growth. We will continue expanding our operations in India, China, and other locations in Asia while strengthening our capacity and investing in our partnerships with our customers.

Finally, we wish to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to our customers, partners, and friends for their support. We wish you a safe and prosperous 2022!

Happy New Year,

Team BluOcean



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