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Adapting to Cloud Security Solutions Post Pandemic

Many of us have fallen into our new norm of coexisting with a seemingly never-ending global pandemic and have long dreamt of life after COVID-19. Hopefully, we’re heading towards the end. If not, it’s never too early to consider the changes post pandemic and plan for what is to come. In this article, we consider the shift in cloud adaptations in electronic security from a post pandemic perspective.

A distributed workforce will increase demand for cloud solutions

The possibility of “working from home” (WFH) makes work & life balance more desirable. In this sense, it’s not a big surprise to see “Great Resignation” in 2021 that many people changed their careers or moved to new locations, especially in Technology and Healthcare industries. Many experts predict this change of work style will continue even post pandemic.

Cloud solutions are better suited for a distributed workforce than traditional on-premise models. Pay for what you use model such as subscriptions to cloud based access control or Video Management Systems (VMS) are perfect use cases to cope with unpredictable changes in workforce or variable work environments.

Sustainability is important in the electronic security industry too

We talk about sustainability in food, infrastructure and energy industries. What about in electronic security? The more common resources, open connections and interoperability we have, the less energy we might waste on siloed systems.

Cloud solutions use more common resources, require none or less hardware components, and hence reduce energy consumptions and resources spent on hardware maintenances, which all in all directly or indirectly contribute to sustainability. It’s not just a sense of urgency for cloud adoptions anymore. Due to the pandemic, there is more of a “sense of agency” (SA) and social responsibility for the environment we live in.

Cloud solutions keep stakeholders accountable

Cloud solutions facilitate traceability and more transparency, which allow “accountability” by design. This is certainly an important attribute in a solution for a distributed workforce. Cloud solutions with built in traceability and accountability will be desirable in the long run as it will contribute to the overall quality of services.

SMEs and retail companies are quicker to adapt to cloud technology

Agile and younger companies are more inclined to adapt to cloud technology as a means to manage costs and keep business operations lean. We are already experiencing this trend, as it reflects the need to continuously update technology and ride the current. Larger enterprises, on the other hand, are more resistant to cloud adaptations as they operate with heavy investments in traditional “on-premise” systems. However, we are seeing a change in tides with larger firms testing and evaluating the efficiency of cloud solutions.

Leveraging existing products & services is key

Pivoting to cloud solutions can be achieved without disrupting your business. We recommend meeting with your existing security service provider to understand the process to migrate to the cloud, which will ultimately allow stakeholders to evaluate the benefits and value.

At BluOcean Security, we offer tailored consultations based on our clients’ needs and provide initial Proof of Concept evaluations, which may include implementing a test system in a small facility. For existing sites, our conversion plan considers minimum disruption and re-use of existing systems to allow businesses to operate as normal. In many environments, we are able to re-use existing cabling and end devices while replacing the control boards. This allows for cost-effective integration.

The future is bright

Though we are faced with many challenges amid a global pandemic, there are initiatives we can optimize now to grow businesses through changing landscapes. It is undeniable that technology and innovation is paramount to the success of businesses worldwide and is a driving force behind new opportunities. How we leverage technological solutions will ultimately define how businesses strive during and post-pandemic.

BluOcean Talks: Adapting to Cloud Security Solutions

BluOcean team members Ron and Priscilla recently sat down to discuss the challenges and misconceptions of adapting to cloud security solutions, where they elaborated on their insight and experience on the migration to cloud. Listen to the full podcast!

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