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BluOcean Completes Project for Global Private Equity Firm in Shanghai & Hong Kong

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

BluOcean recently completed two projects for a multinational private equity client. The project, spanning two major cities – Shanghai and Hong Kong – required the upgrading of security systems from on-premises to fully cloud-based. With the success of these projects, BluOcean is currently working on upgrading security systems at their India locations and are actively working on other locations in Asia Pacific.

Both office locations take up several floors of cooperate buildings, calling for robust and manageable access control and surveillance systems. For this account, BluOcean worked with one of our cloud-based partners, Verkada, to integrate a cloud-based platform that best suited the needs and requirements of the client. With the sleek design and functionality of Verkada's cloud-based access control and video security systems, we successfully completed this project for our client.

(Image Source: Verkada)

Verkada provides state-of-the-art security hardware and cloud-based security software that allows companies to seamlessly integrate, monitor and track analytics to ensure optimal security at all times. With the use of smart technology and cloud-based technology, Verkada is one of the leaders in the field, and stays ahead of the trends to ensure security systems remain effective and efficient into the future.

(Image Source: Verkada)

Working with Verkada to deliver successful projects and robust security systems to our clients demonstrates the remarkable potential of cloud-based security solutions. This is further supported by the increasing number of clients who recognize that modern cloud-focused security solutions are resilient and future-proof.

At BluOcean, we have the great opportunity to work with a range of leading cloud security service providers to tailor solutions for each client. We look forward to our continued partnerships and advocating cloud-based security together.



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