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Embedding BluOcean Security Staff Into Your Business

BluOcean’s embedded services provide clients the flexibility to work with on-site security experts while maintaining a fixed headcount. It is part of a larger trend amongst corporations to expand security teams with embedded staff who have the know-how and expertise to manage systems.

Susan, BluOcean’s Senior Account Manager, is responsible for the recruitment, hiring, and management of embedded staff for BluOcean clients. Amongst her many roles that tether between account management, human resources and embedded services, Susan’s skillset is in understanding client needs and creating the right team to address those needs. This role is instrumental for clients as the ensuing results provide hassle-free onboarding of new staff.

Here is Susan’s take on embedded services.

What is embedded services?

Embedded services is really “embedded staff”. We essentially help clients staff their full-time security teams from recruitment, training to onboarding. BluOcean consistently looks out for new talent that can join our extended team of security professionals. The personnel in our embedded teams are under contract with BluOcean and therefore are committed to serving clients exceptional security services on-site. Embedded services provide clients with hiring flexibility.

It's part of a larger trend that corporations are considering and implementing embedded services. It’s a way for them to keep their fixed headcount low while maintaining a full team. Clients may have limited staffing, but have budget for additional services. We try to accommodate the client’s needs by placing BluOcean staff on their security team.

What roles do BluOcean’s embedded staff have for clients?

Embedded staff work full-time at our clients’ offices or facilities. The roles vary depending on what the client is missing on their team. It can range from physical security personnel, SOC managers, project managers to security managers. It could be that a client needs a full-time engineer or an in-house manager to oversee the entire security infrastructure.

What benefits do businesses have in embedding BluOcean staff?

BluOcean’s embedded staff are under contract with BluOcean; employees are recruited and trained by BluOcean, and onboarded based on the client’s policies and unique situation, which we work together with the client to complete. That means clients receive the same care, attention to detail and expertise in-house as they would working with BluOcean on a specific project. This process eliminates the administrative work for clients who would otherwise have to go through their entire hiring process. It’s a hassle-free recruitment process for them.

Secondly, BluOcean ensures that the right candidates are placed in the right roles. The embedded staff are required to uphold the security standards that BluOcean sets and withhold the necessary expertise to execute the job. Clients can be assured that BluOcean is knowledgeable of the security market and experts in the security industry.

There’s a lot of value for clients who welcome embedded staff, as they join the team fully prepared. Plus, there’s always a backup plan when it comes to staffing.

How does BluOcean recruit candidates to become part of the embedded staff?

We like to approach different kinds of people. We are not only seeking candidates who have experience in the security industry already. Instead, we seek out those who have specific skillsets that we find useful for the client’s team, depending on their needs. For example, we may approach an IT specialist for an opening as a systems engineer. From a software standpoint, it is easy for an IT specialist to pick it up and understand the job with some training.

Of course we also recruit candidates based on demand. In one case, a client hired a team of security guards – physical security – but did not have personnel overseeing their system, which security guards did not have much knowledge on. We embedded staff to work in tandem with their physical security and manage the security systems. This provided the client with a well-rounded security team.

We are constantly looking for new talent to join BluOcean in some capacity, so we do keep an eye out for potential embedded staff. We’re also lucky that a lot of potential candidates approach BluOcean for opportunities, so we are never short of talent.

We also are not basing hires only on what’s written on paper. We also think about personalities that would best suit the culture of the intended client. We have a strong vetting system as well. Candidates often go through a series of interviews, so we can be certain they’re a good fit. It’s also important to inform the clients of the recruitment progress.

What are some incentives for embedded team members?

They get real hands-on experience and training from BluOcean. Before they are embedded, they spend at least a week stationed at BluOcean’s offices. This gives them the opportunity to meet the team, receive necessary training and be fully part of BluOcean’s global team.

There is also opportunity to grow their careers. Whether it’s a promotion within an embedded team, a role at one of BluOcean’s offices, or a new assignment, there’s always room for new experiences and career development.


How are embedded staff managed by BluOcean once they join a client’s team?

We think it’s really important for embedded staff to know and feel that they are part of BluOcean’s team even if they are working in another office. Not only do we make sure to include embedded staff in our team, we make sure our entire team is available to them should they have any questions or concerns.

BluOcean also integrates security systems or has worked with the client in other capacities prior to onboarding embedded personnel, so we usually have a strong understanding of the client’s infrastructure and can offer support to embedded members.

Having said that, I want to also point out that embedded staff usually have a confidentiality agreement with the client, so there are proprietary elements that embedded staff will not share with our team.

What makes BluOcean’s embedded services unique?

Firstly, we are fully transparent throughout the whole process. From talent recruitment to salary negotiations, clients always know what they are paying for. We are also fully invested in the projects. We show this by preparing embedded staff before their first day at the client’s office. We invest in adequate training and assist clients with onboarding to ensure a smooth experience for all parties. That’s why we make it clear to clients that embedded staff cannot be placed in a role overnight, it usually takes 12-14 weeks to onboard.

BluOcean also takes an accounts-based approach. To do that, we need to always have close communication with the client and work together to motivate the team. I think that is something special. We take the time to understand clients and we’re also not afraid to introduce new or better ideas to clients if we think it will be more valuable to them.

We are not a staffing company and our embedded services isn’t just a staffing service. Our hope is that BluOcean’s embedded team can continue to create value for the clients while providing the best security solutions.


What trends do you see with embedded services and how will it evolve in the security industry?

The demand for embedded services is growing. We’re receiving more requests from clients and are noticing that more clients are understanding the true value of BluOcean’s embedded services. I think as companies continue to grow with limited hiring headcount and budgets, we will see more need for embedded services.


We look forward to growing our embedded services as industry demands continue to evolve. To learn more about BluOcean’s embedded services, please visit or email for a consultation.



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