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BluOcean Project Management in Asia Pacific with Priscilla Lin, Head of Global BD

BluOcean’s Head of Global BD, Priscilla, recently traveled to several BluOcean office locations to visit project sites, spend time with the teams, and meet customers. The focus of the around the world tour was to encourage new opportunities and strategize future growth, while experiencing BluOcean’s unique project management expertise at play.

During her visit to several BluOcean project sites in Asia Pacific, including Singapore, India and China, Priscilla experienced and saw firsthand the influence of great project management. At BluOcean, project management is the catalyst to delivering premium security services to our clients. While project management serves as a critical tool to ensure projects are serviced on-time, on-budget and exceeding client expectations, we believe in the philosophy that people come first.

Priscilla witnessed how people, whether it is BluOcean’s teams or clients, are the drivers that ensure projects are completed successfully and satisfactorily. To see BluOcean teams come together to innovate and deliver, and to learn from clients who express their needs and satisfaction, Priscilla saw the power of active listening and collaboration:

“I accompanied our project management teams and service teams in different locations. I couldn’t help but feel proud seeing the workmanship and hearing praise from customers about the PM teams.”

Forward-thinking Oceaneers

While visiting a site in Singapore, Priscilla appreciated the flexibility in which the team worked to improve project outcomes. BluOcean’s dedicated team adapt solutions to best fit the client’s needs by building a platform that reaches beyond traditional security solutions.

“I was impressed when the team produced a clever custom designed pole mounting kit to solve a specific roadblock unique to the site situation. It goes to show how our PM team never gave up on finding a solution – and in the end, the client was happy with the results.”

Exceeding client expectations

BluOcean takes an account-based approach to projects. This ensure clients are always working with the same project managers and team whenever possible, allowing a chance to build rapport based on trust, knowledge and support. At BluOcean, each project is unique and we believe that security solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Coupled with out-of-the-box thinking and teamwork, BluOcean’s project management teams work to solve challenges that arise during project development through to project implementation.

“I often hear clients being impressed with real-time project updates using cloud based tools. A regional security director for a global company in India once credited our project management team for their diligent and hard work – that made me proud. In another instance, I sat in on a project coordination meeting with a client, I admired how our team listened and interacted with the client, working together to solidify logistics solutions for critical equipment importation… Logistics is no small matter that creates unique challenges on its own.”

Providing secure workplaces and facilities

At BluOcean, we provide security solutions that allow our clients’ business operations to continue uninterrupted in safe environments. We work to exceed the minimum technical standard required by most clients, from project documentation to quality of installation. We remain committed after a project is fully implemented and handover is complete. This ensures stable systems and longer lifetime of said systems.

“When visiting sites under service contract, I was pleased to see the system in great working order and clients satisfied with our after-sales and maintenance services. I believe our dedicated service to our clients is why we are so lucky to work with repeat customers and in different regions.”

Exploring new territories for BluOcean

During Priscilla’s visit to BluOcean offices in Asia Pacific, she was able to capture the essence of BluOcean’s project management style that highlight our values and mission to provide premium security solutions in Asia Pacific. For her, spending time with BluOcean’s diverse team and hearing from clients not only solidified our progress, but better identified BluOcean’s strengths and weaknesses to be analyzed for future growth.



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