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Why are project managers so sought after in Asia Pacific?

Asia Pacific is rich in cultures, languages, and differing business practices. The region is undoubtedly a major contributor to global business, attracting multinational corporations to set up offices, factories, R&D centers and logistics hubs to operate out of major Asia Pacific hubs.

Navigating this dynamic region and successfully executing projects within and across borders require the expertise of skilled project managers. Their unique ability to seamlessly orchestrate complex projects ensures the timely, cost-effective, and high-quality delivery, making them indispensable partners when successfully executing projects. Contrary to popular belief, project managers in Asia Pacific do not always guarantee low costs due to their unique and skilled expertise that are sought after by multinational corporations.

The importance of exceptional project management is further amplified in the security industry where projects require multifaceted management. With the ever-evolving global business landscape, logistical obstacles and diverse business customs, expert project managers are critical to ensuring successful project execution for security clients.

Here are reasons why good project managers from Asia Pacific are uniquely positioned:

Effective Communicators

In any role, effective and clear communications is a crucial component to achieving successful outcomes. Particularly in Asia, where language barriers and communication styles differ between even local regions, having a project management on board with great communication skills will help bridge gaps, keeping stakeholders informed and aligned on expectations throughout the project. A great project manager can effectively communicate with local vendors and, in turn, communicate the needs of the clients to build the foundation of successful projects.

Strong Understanding of Cultural Nuances

For multinational businesses working with skilled project managers who have deep understanding of the local business environment allows strong relationships to be forged. Project managers with local know-how are equipped to navigate business that are otherwise foreign and difficult to interpret for businesses entering Asia Pacific. Understanding local culture and businesses practices allow project managers to forge relationships with vendors, fostering mutual respect and productive work environments.

Adaptive & Efficient Problem Solvers

In many developing cities in Asia Pacific, businesses may face unpredictable roadblocks that can lead to project delays. Challenges can stem from logistical issues due to lack of mature infrastructure, unclear policies and regulations, or lack of on-the-ground expertise. To ensure seamless project completion and high-quality deliverance, project managers in Asia Pacific are equipped with quick problem solving skills. Project managers in Asia Pacific carry the responsibility of identifying and implementing new solutions in short amounts of time, making them exceptional in both time and people management with an adaptive approach.

Keen Eye for Details & Quality Control

A common misconception is that everything in Asia is done cheap, fast, and therefore subpar. In reality, Asian cultures prioritize warm hospitality, pristine service and high standards. Project managers in Asia emulate these qualities, setting high standards and are laser focused on delivering high quality outcomes that are results-driven.

At BluOcean, we take an accounts-based approach to all our projects. Every client works with the same project manager and team to forge trust, understanding and positive outcomes. We understand that every client is different and therefore every project requires tailored solutions.  This is why BluOcean project managers are indispensable, because they possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that greatly impacts successful projects.



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