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Establishing BluOcean Japan with Shin-san

Shinichi Yamagishi, known as Shin-san, joined BluOcean Japan as a Project Manager and System Engineer. After serving eight years in the Japanese military, Shin-san entered the civilian workforce as an engineer at a security company where he was responsible for the installation and operation of security systems.


His 24-year career in the security industry continued to grow with his experience working in

different sectors from security locks to hardware manufacturing at major Japanese companies, where he was mainly in charge of project management.


For Shin-san, a typical day at BluOcean is spent outside of the office. He explains:


“I attend process meetings for projects almost every day. For projects in Tokyo, I go directly to the site, attend regular on-site meetings, and then return to the office to prepare documents.
On days when there is a meeting for local projects, I come to the office and attend conference calls from the office, and after the meeting, I spend my days preparing for the project and working on documents. In between meetings, I respond to repairs and perform on-site work.”


He is currently working on projects including updating office cameras and access control systems and installations for new projects. Shin-san enjoys working with his colleagues around the world and broadening is knowledge while working with specialized vendors and subcontractors:


“It is a profound job that requires knowledge of everything from digital to analog, from server PCs to door hardware to handle, but if you use your strengths, you will always have colleagues who will follow up on your weak points. I hope more will take on the challenge, even if one has no experience.”

On his downtime, Shin-san is very involved with his community and continues his role as a project manager. He participates in volunteer activities and organizes community events like holiday parades and sports events.


Ultimately, Shin-san’s believes his role is about “implementing systems that satisfy customers without compromising the security level”. He concludes, “The most enjoyable part of project management is when a system is implemented in one shot, just like puzzle pieces fitting together.”

We look forward to the continued growth of BluOcean Japan with Shin-san!



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