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Managing Multinational BluOcean Projects with George

As a Senior Project Manager based at BluOcean Singapore, George Hong would describe his work days as “fruitful and busy”. When asked what a typical day at BluOcean looks like, he responded:

“Usually it starts with coordination meetings for each project – going over progress and plans. There’s a lot of site work involved, so I run between different sites to coordinate with other contractors or meet with client representatives. A part of my day consists of reviewing installation quality on the sites and ensuring everything is in accordance with client requirements and our internal specifications.”

With an Honor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering, George has always had interest in exploring a wide range of security systems and expanding his technical knowledge. Coupled with his nine years of previous experience as a Project Manager and Technical Manager at security and engineering firms, his hands-on experience George exemplifies the know-how to engage in multifaceted project management at BluOcean Security.

In his role, George focuses on three main responsibilities: Plan, coordinate, advise. He is responsible for developing project plans, including aggregating resources for project implementation on customer sites; he coordinates with customers, consultants and contractors to manage deliverables and deadlines; and he provides guidance to junior colleagues on projects and problem solving.

In order to accomplish successful projects, George believes:

“Project managers should set the correct objective and target to complete the project with flying colours and manage stakeholders well. A project is done right when challenges are minimized and customers are happy.”

When George is not off the ground running at BluOcean, you can find him cycling through Singapore and relaxing with a good movie. With that said, he enjoys the challenges and rewards of project management and remarks “time really flies by fast.”



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