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Security Consultant & Regional Technical Support

Singapore, China, India

As a Security Consultant & Regional Technical Support, you will lead or provide services to our customers in the region. This may include auditing/advising the security equipment installation, testing, commissioning, system programming, coordinating with other parties, and working with other team members to achieve objectives. You will ensure customers have the best possible experience and have the highest quality of services.

Main Responsibilities may include:

- Audit /Consult Systems design, equipment installation, programming, commissioning, and testing.
- Project management as may be needed.
- Assist with any sales activities and pre-project work.
- Client engagement and training.
- System design, drafting diagrams using AutoCAD, etc.
- Maintain high-level knowledge related to security systems, tech, and management.

These are the main qualifications we are looking for:

- Bachelor's degree or above in Electronic, Computer, Automatization, or Mechanical Engineering.
- Previous related working experience is an advantage. Smart new Graduates are also welcome.
- Basic IT knowledge in hardware, network, and database.
- Familiar with access control, CCTV, and Alarm system products & system is an advantage.
- Must be willing to work onsite.
- Candidates who have project management experience are an advantage.
- Past experience with Lenel, GE, Cisco, S2 systems is a clear advantage.
- Good communication and coordination skills.
- Client service-oriented
- Quickly learning ability.
- Good English skills (Listening, oral, reading, and writing). Other languages are an advantage.

Please send your resume to

Here at BluOcean Security, you will be working with the best people in the industry. You will have a chance to participate in the growth of the best security service provider in Asia. We are serious and proud of what we do and hope to attract like-minded professionals.
Do you enjoy interesting challenges? Are you tired of just being a small part of a larger organization? Do you want to be taken seriously? Reach out to us, we would love to meet you...



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