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Elevate your security system with tech-forward solutions powered by the cloud


The infrastructure of cloud-based security allows for secure, scalable and customizable security solutions. Unlike traditional on-premise systems, cloud-based systems are hosted and maintained on the cloud by the system provider, providing more flexibility and lean security teams. Cloud-based systems are becoming increasingly popular with organizations of all sizes and industries for its cost-effectiveness and durability, providing more opportunities to dedicated more resources to your core business.

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Cost Effective

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Rapid Deployment

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Central Control

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Enhanced Security

Cutting-edge & high quality systems integration 

with turnkey cloud-based security solutions

• セキュリティ評価

• セキュリティ設計

• Cloud Solution Installation

• プログラミング

• テストと試運転

• システム・トレーニング

• プロジェクト・マネージメント

• System Maintenance

• Remote Cloud Service Support

• Yearly Subscription Management

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Rapid Deployment

Benefit from immediate security capabilities with efficient installation and setup processes. Cloud-based security solutions can oftentimes be deployed quicker than traditional on-premise solutions, providing organizations with robust security systems with less onboarding time.

Scalable & Flexible

Cloud-based security systems are designed to adapt to your current business needs and can be implemented as a hybrid solution with existing security infrastructures. Organizations are able to adjust subscriptions and service plans according to user, device and data requirements. 

Centralized Management

Streamline and manage security operations from a centralized dashboard. Organizations are able to manage security policies and controls, and monitor all assets while receiving comprehensive overviews of all security postures.

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