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Integrating Cloud Technology with Openpath & Rhombus

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Cloud technology offers limitless potential in how security systems are configured for optimal security. Integrating to cloud security allows flexibility, adaptability, and is oftentimes cost-saving. At BluOcean, we offer customized cloud-focused solutions that are tailored to each client’s needs in order to deliver premium security solutions.

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In the past year, we have implemented solutions across Asia Pacific from Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Bangalore to name a few. Through our experiences, we have observed the true effectiveness of the technologies we have integrated to ensure the safety and security of people, facilities, and assets. These successes would not be possible without the partnerships we have forged with leading security technology companies.

At BluOcean, we are proud to work with a network of partners including local service providers and security technology suppliers across Asia Pacific. Working with a trusted network of partners allows BluOcean to deliver premium security solutions to our clients.

When evaluating an optimal security solution for a client, we consider several factors including the client’s needs and requirements, costs, system integrability and adaptability. In our experience, this may require technology for different suppliers to create the most robust security platform. Openpath and Rhombus are two of several BluOcean partners that, when combined, provide a strong security platform.

Openpath Access Control

Openpath is instrumental in providing access control technology. Their industry-leading keyless access control solutions are complimented by cloud-based software that allows for seamless integration to both new and existing security systems.

(Image Source: OpenPath)

The hardware and programs are easy to install and calibrate, allowing security to run smoothly with little interruption or downtime. With Openpath’s keyless solutions, personnel are able to use mobile credentials to eliminate the use of physical keys or cards. In addition, security departments are also provided with a user-friendly software for easy management of access control.

Rhombus Security Cameras

Rhombus delivers security cameras and sensors that are managed on the cloud. Rhombus’ cutting-edge security cameras are coupled with a user-friendly cloud-based software, giving users the ability to manage their security from anywhere, on any device.

(Image Source: Rhombus)

Their products offer advanced analytics capabilities, such as facial recognition and license plate recognition, making it a powerful tool for detecting and preventing security breaches. By developing a cloud-based security surveillance system, security departments are able to automate and manage security and ensure around-the-clock safety.

A well-rounded cloud-based security system

Openpath and Rhombus provide complete integrated cloud-based security solutions that provide BluOcean clients with the security they need in Asia Pacific. From our experience, the combination of Openpath’s access control and Rhombus’ security cameras provide a strong and efficient security system. The benefits of cloud-based security improves security, streamlines operations, and provides critical analytics and management tools to manage security systems from anywhere.

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The success of our projects in multiple cities across Asia Pacific is a testament to the effectiveness of these technologies in ensuring the safety and security of businesses and individuals. We look forward to sharing more successes with our partners.



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